Nano's Build Guide: Sister of Consecration

Nano's Build Guide: Sister of Consecration

Written by IyeNano

Header art by Applibot

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“Stop this now, sister. I take no pleasure in fighting you.”

Like the many True Elves before her, she was born in the Below, but alongside her birthed a twin. As the eldest twin, she was treated as the heir of their noble house and was given preferential attention much to the envy of her sister. They competed for influence among their family and consorts, yet when time came to devote themselves to the Fallen Elf, the eldest twin hesitated.She had felt the light of Rezmir on her skin, the radiant energy overwhelmed the pain decades of oppression had brought. With this, the eldest sister ran to the surface, dedicating her life to the Winged Lion, protecting those from the evils of the world, even if many would hate her for what her charcoal skin and snow-white hair represents.


This build is part one of a double feature of twin sisters who were born in the cutthroat world of the Below but took different paths when it mattered most. This sister chose the path of law and good and thus came to follow the words of Rezmir. It’s a standard Paladin build with no clever multi class trickery. However, this build will be using a feature unique to Living Erenel: prestige classes. A feature of previous editions ported over to 5th edition; a prestige class allows a single class character to take additional class features instead of ability score improvements at certain levels. While this prevents us from reaching any ability score caps, it does provide some cool features to make an otherwise run-of-the-mill Paladin.

  • A Steadfast Protector

To the surprise of no one, we want to be building a Paladin as a fairly tanky frontliner. The focus in this sense is not only a high AC but the Protection fighting style. We want to be the single thing that stands between the party and our enemies. If we can help it, we will be blowing our reaction almost every round to make sure that any enemy trying to push their luck ends up hitting you and only you.

  • A Saintly Healer

With this build focusing on being the business end of an enemy’s proverbial baseball bat, it would stand to reason that we need to be able to heal ourselves and others. Although a Paladin isn’t as potent when it comes to healing compared to divine full casters, the Templar prestige class buffs up our Lay on Hands pool from x5 to x7. To sweeten the deal, an Oath of Devotion Paladin has the Beacon of Hope spell automatically prepared so when that is active, our healing spells heal for the maximum dice value.

  • A Faithful Blade

As part of the standard Paladin list of class features, Divine Smite is a classic way to dump an absurd amount of damage into some poor fool. This is further enhanced by the Blade of Justice prestige class feature. At times where it matters most, we can trade our damage dice and modifier for a 2d8 radiant damage that compounds with Divine Smite and Improved Divine Smite.

Starting Stats and Proficiencies

Starting Race: True Elf

Starting Faction: Lantern Priests

Alignment: Lawful Good

STR: 15
DEX: 8 + 2
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 12
CHA: 13 + 1

Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields

Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons

Tools: Smith’s Tools

Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma

Languages: Common, Elvish, Giant, Infernal

Skills: Athletics, Insight, Perception, Persuasion, Religion

Starting Equipment

  • A Martial Weapon and a Shield (Longsword, Shield)
  • Five Javelins
  • An Explorer’s Pack
  • Chain Mail
  • A Holy Symbol
  • Travelers clothes, smith’s tools, ceremonial lantern with belt hook, 1-slot satchel, pouch with 10 gold (Lantern Priest faction starting equipment)

Note: Replace Chain Mail with Plate armor as soon as possible.

Level Progression

Level 1: Paladin 1

  • Divine Sense
  • Lay on Hands

Level 2: Paladin 2

  • Fighting Style: Protection
  • Spellcasting (Access to 1st Level Paladin spells)
  • Divine Smite

Level 3: Paladin 3

  • Divine Health
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of Devotion
    • Channel Divinity (Sacred Weapon, Turn the Unholy)
    • Oath Spells (Protection from Evil and Good, Sanctuary)

Level 4: Paladin 4

  • Prestige Class: Templar
    • Blade of Justice: +1 STR to 16

Note: If you are not in Living Erenel and your Dungeon Master will not allow you to use prestige classes in their campaign, put the ASIs at 4, 8, and 16 towards improving CON and then STR.

Level 5: Paladin 5

  • Extra Attack
  • Spellcasting (Access to 2nd Level Paladin spells)
  • Oath Spells (Lesser Restoration, Zone of Truth)

Level 6: Paladin 6

  • Aura of Protection

Level 7: Paladin 7

  • Sacred Oath Feature: Aura of Devotion

Level 8: Paladin 8

  • Prestige Class Feature: Heavenly Intervention

Level 9: Paladin 9

  • Spellcasting (Access to 3rd Level Paladin spells)
  • Oath Spells (Beacon of Hope, Dispel Magic)

Level 10: Paladin 10

  • Aura of Courage

Level 11: Paladin 11

  • Improved Divine Smite

Level 12: Paladin 12

  • Ability Score Improvement: +2 CON to 16

Level 13: Paladin 13

  • Spellcasting (Access to 4th Level Paladin spells)
  • Oath Spells (Freedom of Movement, Guardian of Faith)

Level 14: Paladin 14

  • Cleansing Touch

Level 15: Paladin 15

  • Sacred Oath Feature: Purity of Spirit

Level 16: Paladin 16

  • Prestige Class Feature: Celestial Ascension

Level 17: Paladin 17

  • Spellcasting (Access to 5th Level Paladin spells)
  • Oath Spells (Commune, Flame Strike)

Level 18: Paladin 18

  • Aura Improvements

Level 19: Paladin 19

  • Ability Score Improvement: +2 CHA to 16

Level 20: Paladin 20

  • Sacred Oath Feature: Holy Nimbus

Finalized Spell List


1st Level: Compelled Duel, Cure Wounds, Heroism, Protection from Good and Evil, Purify Food and Drink, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith

2nd Level: Aid, Branding Smite, Find Steed, Lesser Restoration, Zone of Truth

3rd Level: Aura of Vitality, Beacon of Hope, Dispel Magic, Revivify

4th Level: Aura of Life, Banishment, Freedom of Movement, Guardian of Faith

5th Level: Commune, Flame Strike, Holy Weapon

Note: Paladins are preparation-based spellcasters and can change their leveled spell lists at the end of a long rest. Feel free to change any of the leveled spells not provided by your Sacred Oath in accordance to need or want.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Great healing options and potency for a half caster, prestige class provides great class versatility, classic smite stick is enhanced by prestige class features and spell options.

Cons: A jack of all trades in terms of stats, a low DEX and INT score makes you prone to dangerous saving throws, less martial consistency compared to a fighter.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the stereotypical Lawful Good Paladin gets a bad rap, but I understand where the hate comes from. A lot of players play that kind of paladin wrong because they often roleplay with a wanton disregard for moral context. The answer to a starving kid stealing bread shouldn’t be to cut their hand off. That’s how you get vindictive edgy rogues. This build almost requires a bit of that moral context to be put into play because when you grew up in life thinking someone in the world is out to kill you at any given moment, a child stealing bread to feed themselves is not even a foot note in grand scheme of things. Now, be sure to show them that stealing is wrong and use that opportunity to roleplay a great Aesop moment. Just don’t resort to violence immediately.

…Seriously, the vindictive edgy rogue population is already too damn high.

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