(April) Erenel Article Recap

(April) Erenel Article Recap

As April comes to an end and May is on the horizon, there is a lot in store for Erenel. Let’s save May announcements for May and look back on everything updated in April as the project mentioned here continues.

In April, 55 articles were touched up, rewritten or created from scratch. Articles range from subclass categories to simplify browsing, consolidation of Gamingbrew weapons, armor, and legendary artifacts, to significant lore changes like the Null, Calendar of Oriax and Race redesigns.

The user experience to browse Erenel’s world setting is improving by leaps and bounds. However, there are still many articles to touch up before moving on to significant changes in the Era of Inner Flame. May will see the rest of the races and deity redesigns before moving into geography, settlements and factions.

I’m pretty confident if you explore the articles updated (listed below), you’ll uncover hidden gems and piece together extensive plot points coming into the future. It’s also worth checking how your favorite race may have changed.

Remember, not everything has been updated yet! The best way to check if an article is updated is by looking in Discord under the Erenel-articles channel. Everything listed here is updated. Anything not listed here has yet to be corrected.  

Every article updated in April below for reference. If it's underlined, it links to the article!









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