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Azure Peninsula

The Azure Peninsula is home to Ancient Dwarven, Elven and Minotaur Kingdoms, plus the scarred and void-stricken Haunted Lands. An area defined by being relatively untouched following the Great Sacrifice, filled with lost relics, ancient ruins and menacing beasts.

Bandit Lands

The Bandit Lands is located in the southern province of the Tonarian Grasslands and is the most chaotic domain in the Krovian Empire. Here the three Bandit Lords rule over thousands of outcasts, pledging to push back Krov's forces. South of the Bandit Lords, the Alabaster Dragons watch over the Southern Wildwood, demanding taxation for any who passed through. Not without conflict, the Crescent Cursed, reverse lycanthrope who only return to normal during a full moon, contest the Alabaster Dragons at every step.

Crimson Shores

A large island chain in the center of the Great Divide Ocean is home to wild and chaotic harbors. Here, an influential group of pirate captains known as the Vice continues to be a thorn in the side of the Krovian Empire as they pillage merchant ships leaving Azure Bay. Mainly known for the Free City of Pandaros, a wild and chaotic harbor ruled by the mighty sorcerer Tempest King, many smaller ports and secluded islands are full of history, lost treasure and secluded civilizations.

Nevermore Expanse

Northeast of the Golden Heights and Sundermist Tips lies a dark and desolate region ruled by the Nephistrad Kingdom. Here, Harlock Von Lishken became the first Sanguis, a vampiric race that must feed on the blood of others to survive. As the shadows extend on this nightmare region, the noble Sanguis houses are forced to pay a food tax to Nephistrad, treating the living as nothing more than cattle to be drained and discarded.


The harsh lands of the frigid wilderness are comprised of five landmasses north of the Tonarian continent. With a multitude of mountain peaks and so few willing to endure the frozen winters, only those strong enough to follow the Primal Deities struggle for the sake of wealth and honor. The Northlands boast many Jarls, all fighting to ascend to Warlord of the North and unite the clans as ruler of Sleet's Landing.

Northern Wildwood

The mighty oaks and elms of the Northern Wildwood provide for far-flung baronies west of the Crestfallen Mountains. The most famous city Bernick and the Knights of the Five Roses, watch over the enormous forest, doing their best to shield their citizens from the fantastic beasts which roam where light cannot reach the forest floor.

Tonarian Grasslands

Heartland of the continent, the rolling hills and vast prairies of the Tonarian grasslands are also home to Krov, the largest city on the continent. The Krovian Empires' economic might influences not only the continent but the world. Although war is constant with the Caelian barbarians of the North and Bandit Lords to the south, the Golden Throne has stood resilient under the rule of the Dominus lineage.


High atop the Gray Peaks the All Sight watches over the five great cities. To visit Ulkadia is to enjoy the grand coliseums, public amphitheaters and fields of olive trees and grape trellis. The land is not without dangers. Imperial Dragoons and Kyrah Red Spears must be ready to form a shield wall and claim victory against legendary foes. Enormous beasts continue to roam the countryside while fey creatures call the woodlands home. 

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