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Gamingbrew on Twitch

As Living Erenel continues into its 4th season thanks to an energetic and top-tier quality dungeon master team, I can stretch out into more ways to play! The best way, in my opinion, to attract new players into the Living World alongside the typical social media presence and word of mouth is with high-quality streamed games.

Before Living Erenel, I was a Twitch DM hosting several campaign games a week. Many of the first Living Erenel players came from Twitch campaign games, like Rise of Harlock and Dying Embers or 5E content releases on Patreon. It's time to return and include new ways to game, interact and entertain.

Here are the current plans! None of the games discussed below use Living Erenel characters, but the story will almost definitely coincide with the current timeline.


Community chosen one-shot adventures or adventures which showcase different Erenel stories will be coming with the plan to start off running one a month (and ramping up as summer continues). One Shots are available for all Patrons and Twitch subscribers to sign up for, as long as they check the following boxes.

  • Good audio, webcam and internet
  • Punctual and able to make the entire stream.
  • Follow Twitch ToS while streaming.

The first One Shot is the community channel point winner 8 Hour Dungeon Crawl! Details and how to participate below.

8 Hour Dungeon Crawl

Saturday, July 10th | 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT

Five players will fight thru a modified version of the Mad Mage during this 8-hour event. Breaks will happen every 2-3 hours!

Players selected will make special level 8 characters and choose a +1 weapon or armor and (1) Living Erenel artifact of their choice, which is "awakened." No duplicates allowed across the team of 5. Players can choose any races and classes from Erenel or approved 5E books.

If you want to participate and are a Patron and/or Twitch subscriber -> Sign up here.


A new weekly campaign is on the way for 5 players, set in the Erenel Fictional Universe. This new Weekly Campaign is designed and ran for viewership with high entertainment value! Players interested in joining a weekly game will be handpicked from submissions.

If you're looking for a serious but fun game and ready for the commitment that comes with being online weekly for an audience, sign up with the link below! Dates and times coming after the team is set with the likelihood of 30-40 sessions making up the campaign's entirety.

If you want to participate in the Weekly Campaign -> Sign up here.


Grant advantage to players will continue for One Shots and the Weekly Campaign following the current rules listed on the Gamingbrew Twitch Channel.

A NEW way to help the party is coming, which will also be available during One Shots and the Weekly Campaign – SPIN THE MATRON OF RAVEN’S WHEEL OF FATE!

Twitch viewers will be able to grant the group a random potion during the game. When giving a potion, the viewer who provided bits/channel points will roll on the Matron of Raven’s Wheel of Fate. Whichever potion they roll is immediately given to the player they choose. Only one potion can be active at a time, per GROUP!

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