Gamingbrew Update 04/21

Gamingbrew Update 04/21

Hello and welcome to a quick update on what's in the pipeline! Today's post covers Living Erenel, upcoming 5E Content and a few quick tidbits before the big State of Erenel Live Stream on Thursday, May 6th. A quick shout out to everyone who filled out the Feedback Form on Discord!

5E Content

It's almost that time again to pick a new 2-month content theme. The Poll before the Poll will be up on Discord this Friday, April 23rd. The top 3 winners face off on a Patreon-only poll Friday, April 30th. A ton of great themes are ready to go, all of which are suggestions by the community!

The Bulwark class has been in play testing for the past few weeks and is a ton of fun. However, I'm not too happy with the subclass design and will be overhauling all subclasses. This may delay the class until early May for playtesting, but it's crucial that the subclasses all feel different and leave room for the addition of new, exciting subclasses. Even if the Bulwark release is delayed, more giants content is on the way before months end!


The first issue of Origins is on the horizon. Art continues to come, and we'll begin the process of finalizing the magazine's appearance soon. I'll have more information on this in the future, BUT – Gamingbrew will be looking for adventure writers VERY soon. If you're interested in having your work published in Origins, stay tuned!

Living Erenel

(Everything below is not set in stone)

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a feedback form. It's crucial to keep a pulse on the ins and outs of game development, and I think it's important to talk about a few common themes I saw in the feedback.


In Season 3, the changes to downtime are listed universally as great. The downside is that crafting now feels slower with the expertise change and character levels required on Tools.

The reason for the tools change is to gate extremely powerful consumables and equipment, which are meant for higher levels of 5E play. If players have more money and everyone fills their satchels with supreme healing at level 8, the game would break a basic 5E campaign, and that much power creep in Living Erenel would hurt the world.

No plans to change the level requirements but looking into adding another layer of training. Proficient -> Expertise -> Mastery. Mastery would allow you to craft levels even higher than expertise allows and help out the players who may only be interested in being a crafter.

Another plan in discussion is adding a second weekly currency alongside downtime days. This weekly currency "crafting days" or something similar is used only for crafting with tools. Because this change separates downtime and crafting, an increase in overall days to craft an item will probably be needed to offset the change. BUT, the ability to craft a few days plus renown or power level and run an adventure seems like a positive change.

Death in Living Erenel

The death tax of losing levels when retiring or dying in Living Erenel is meant to dissuade players from constantly changing their characters month to month. However, now that Adventure Experience is growing, the amount lost on death is substantial and will be lowered to not be so debilitating. This change will come in during State of Erenel: May.


Factions do a lot of things well but are strongly dictated by player agency. Because of this and Living Erenel still being "fresh," many players are unsure of how to push relations with other factions or may not be incentivized enough to do so.

I'm actively looking into ways to improve Factions since faction adventures and faction goals didn't work as intended. Small world threats such as the Giant Halls are helpful, but a more "Risk Board Game" style approach might help provide player agency. I will update as the creative process continues and always open to ideas for how to mold Factions.

Thanks for reading this quick update. All the meat and potatoes of changes and new things will be coming in two weeks at the State of Erenel: May!

If you want to join the Living World and play games with us, check out this link and join the Gamingbrew Discord.

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