Living Erenel in 2022

Living Erenel in 2022

Hey all. As the year winds down and we look ahead to 2022, I did a deep dive into what the community would like to do with Living Erenel. I think I’ve nailed down the future after two surveys, a live stream discussion, and countless private and public discord chats.

Things are changing, and I’ll summarize the reasons for the changes and give insight into the future. Regardless, I’m incredibly excited about what’s in store for the new year.


  1. Living Erenel DM’s are going through many life-altering events. They won’t have the time to support the colossal investment it takes to provide an acceptable experience for our players.
  2. While the community has many players, a large portion of players don’t engage at a high enough level to warrant the time it takes to put on the experience.
  3. After community surveys, the most active players are highly motivated for a new storytelling format and companionship in Erenel.
  4. Living Erenel is expensive to maintain, and even with a “subscription” to maintain a character, the game loses money each month in its vacuum.
  5. Prevent wasting the most valuable currency of all. Time.


Before talking about the changes, I think it’s important to quickly touch on the goal. Full transparency in all things!

  1. Provide a fantastic experience for the most engaged players.
  2. Remove the barrier of entry so more community members can participate when available.
  3. Remove restrictions so games and experiences can grow organically from the community.
  4. Increase development time and shift away from operational time sinks to grow the brand.


Living Erenel as it is today will officially end on December, 31st 2021, and no games will be played for the rest of 2021. While this may feel abrupt for some, I want to ensure no one is charged for January that holds an Adventurer Tier on Patreon. Charging for something that would end partially into the month feels gross, and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen. I also believe that this announcement will shut down most players desire to play and want to use the time to prepare the next chapter - and take a holiday breather lol!

If you’re in the Adventurer tier when it’s deleted, you’ll still be a Gamingbrew Patreon, but you’ll be a no-benefit patron and won’t have access to 5E content until you change tiers. If you’d like to keep supporting what we do here on Patreon, be sure to change tiers. If you’re a Patreon only for Living Erenel access, make sure to cancel by December 31st.

Additionally, player and DM availability is already down with the holiday season. Two high-profile games remain, with the following taking effect.

Pharaoh’s Tomb with DM Shadow

Since only one game has been played, this game is closed. Shadow has the option to open this up again with the new changes coming if he wants!

Order of the Larks Guild Quest

This game will be postponed into 2022 but will happen with the current players if they wish to continue. The guild quest will move to a “one-shot” free of Living Erenel restrictions. I think raising everyone’s level to 8 would be exciting when telling this story.

Roleplay and guild channels will remain open until the end of the year. If you want to roleplay in the current format, feel free! Remember, you can use the “Avatar” (discussed below) as your current Living Erenel character. Their journey doesn’t end unless you want it to.

In the meantime, the last few weeks of 2021 will shift to preparation and design for the following changes in 2022. Both will begin on January 6th following the State of the Brew live stream.



Beginning in 2022, Brews will return to running high-quality campaigns on Twitch. The goal is 3 in total. These games will showcase Erenel in ways Living Erenel cannot while delving into player backstories and providing weekly continuity for community viewership.

  • Campaign games are free for players chosen to participate. Players will be picked by Brews from a list of submissions.
  • Campaigns are weekly, with dates and times depending on the group.
  • Because the cost for these high-quality games is free, players are expected to understand the responsibilities of a player spot!
    • Punctuality, webcam or vtube required, acceptable sounding audio free of background distractions, treating the group and stage correctly, etc.
  • Free campaigns do not include Gamingbrew classes/subclasses/race access. This value will still be included in Patreon.
  • Campaign players have an “Avatar” in Discord. (discussed below.)
  • When campaign signups go live, a more detailed explanation will be provided on the campaign and what to expect as a player. Each campaign is unique.
  • Campaign 1 player selection and theme will be finalized during the first week of January. Signups will start the week after Christmas.


A new, easily accessible Adventurer role will also become available in January. This role will be available for both players in a campaign and anyone who maintains a Twitch subscription. The role allows players to join in one-shots, role play channels, community/world events, and significant lore events.

  • Twitch subscription only. Opens up the accessibility for more community members since you can easily subscribe with Amazon Prime. Also provides just enough barrier of entry to add a layer of investment.
  • Twitch subs, like Campaign members, have an “Avatar” in Discord.
  • Adventurers can sign up for events put on by Brews and other Gamingbrew Dungeon Masters.

What’s an Avatar?

As a campaign player or adventurer, you can set up a roleplay avatar in Discord. Like having a player character, you’ll include your avatar name in your Discord nickname. Change your nickname in the Gamingbrew Discord to (Avatar Name) Discord Name. Example: (Rylid) Gamingbrew Rylid is the Avatar, and Gamingbrew is the Discord alias.

When interacting in roleplay channels as your Avatar, you’ll use formatting similar to current Living Erenel roleplay formatting.

A Discord channel will be available for Adventurers to post pictures of their Avatar or backstory information they wish to share. It’s important to note, there are no character sheets tied to an Avatar.

How do Adventurer games work?

Adventurers can sign up for Gamingbrew Dungeon Master games when their schedule allows. These games offer 100% dungeon master freedom, enabling DMs to run any game they want, at any level, and provide any loot.

Anything that happens inside the game happens in its own vacuum. Meaning, if you die, collect loot, or face Cthulu, nothing exists outside the game or carries over to another one-shot. Freedom to play and experience.

Hopefully, with this freedom and removing a barrier of fear for new DMs, more community members will jump in and run games for one another. Games will be showcased each week at a revamped Weekly Update stream for Adventurers to check out and sign up. The community is now in its own hands.

Finally, previous Living Erenel DMs are looking to run campaigns. Their campaigns are 100% their own. If you don’t want to commit to one of Brews Campaigns, and the new Adventurer role isn’t your style, playing in their campaigns might do the trick!

Want to discuss the above more? I'll be in Discord all week or send me a private message.

Happy Holidays!

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