Living Erenel Factions 2.0

Living Erenel Factions 2.0

IRIDIAN CONCORD (Year 2 Factions)

Estimated Launch Week: November 19th

During launch week, Living Erenel players will be asked to join one of the following guilds inside the Iridian Concord.


Article Link: Iridian Concord

Formerly a collection of smaller guilds, the Iridian Concord has grown into a large and powerful organization of adventurers. While the guild has grown under the leadership of Cheliax Silverwing, it now consists of three smaller guilds, each with its own adventuring focus and chapter leader. Adventurers joining the Iridian Concord often gravitate to one of the three subsidiaries, which are collectively looked after by Silverwing herself.



Chapter Leader: Kildrak Saroth
The Court of Sword Logic, premier warriors and spellcasters, are hired to keep peace and unity for the highest bidder. While they specialize in rooting out evil cults or dangerous beasts, their methods are far from "wholly good." Chapter leader Kildrak Saroth does not hesitate to use blackmail, extortion or assassination to complete a contract. While Cheliax Silverwing disapproves of particular methods, she cannot deny the Court of Sword Logic effectively maintains peaceful relations with the rulers they support.


Chapter Leader: Delsaran Elhorn
To be a Lore Seeker is to eagerly page through dusty tomes, seeking to uncover Erenel's secrets before the Great Sacrifice. Specializing in history and tethering lore, the Lore Seekers maintain a differing approach from academies such as the Unbound. They maintain a strict policy that prohibits sharing research with anyone outside of the Iridian Concord. However, all significant findings are sold to colleagues outside of the Iridian Concord when deemed necessary.


Chapter Leader: Rhooth the Ruffled
Adventurers, in their own right, the Inheritors are more focused on the mercantile aspects of the profession. A common phrase amongst the guild is "We're off to Inherit something new." More plainly, the Inheritors concentrate on finding lost tombs and ancient artifacts with an eye towards profit rather than knowledge. The acquisition and resale of valuable treasures have helped make the Iridian Concord the powerhouse that it is today.


1. Each of the 3 guilds has its own private Discord channel.
Players can often feel overwhelmed when engaging outside of games or hosted roleplay when in a Living World. Making smaller communities that form organically helps newer players meet and interact with the player base.

Dev Note: Private guilds are daunting for newer players without pre-existing relationships. This system aims to help players engage with one another in a smaller, more comfortable environment.

2. Adding story and engaging decision making.
The 3 guilds each have their own identity and leadership under the Iridian Concord. Players in the guild will be asked to give opinions on NPC Chapter Leaders' decisions for Cheliax Silverwing.

These decisions could range from the following, with each week potentially offering new choices.

  • Where to move scouts on the new Scabbard Wastes hex crawl each week.
  • Use their weekly guild action for one of the following.
    • Investigate a hex, diplomacy with a Scaled Sultan, delve into a dungeon crawl, assist the other guilds in events, or even fortify an area so allies can fall back if a threat is overwhelming.

Dev note: This system aims to provide exciting problems to solve and rewards to earn, which require working together, both as a guild and as a player base. The system keeps with the idea of Living Erenel and engages everyone regardless of whether you can play each week or once a month.

Players who want to play a lot can really dive into the story and shape the results of guild choices. Players with demanding schedules can give opinions with the freedom of text chatting in Discord. Helping with something as simple as responding on your phone during a lunch break to the weekly decision.


  1. This new system keeps the player base working together, with everyone being part of the Iridian Concord. Instead of year 1, where active hostile disputes pushed a lot of interaction away, players know they're in it together.

  2. The 3 guilds are run by NPCs, and much of the old Faction reward system is tied to individual Renown gains. This doesn't hamper player growth if the faction doesn't live up to their "interaction standards."

  3. A fixed 3 guild system instead of the ever-expanding number of old factions. Private guilds allow players to create personal guilds with their friends without affecting game balance or causing extra time sinks for moderators.

  4. The system is much easier to understand for both newer players and Living Erenel veterans.


During launch week, players will take turns adding 1 point to their guilds stat sheet until all points have been used. These points make up the guild's attributes and are used for traversing the Scabbard Wastes (rolling against threats, etc.)

Once the Scabbard Wastes have been explored and a new region is selected, the stat sheets reset, and players will rebuild the stat sheet.


  • Diplomacy: Negotiating with NPCs and specific threats.
  • Grit: How much punishment you can take before needing to return to camp.
  • Research: Investigate secrets and lore in an area.
  • Wayfarer: Travel across the map without triggering threats.
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