Living Erenel: Dev Insight 1

Living Erenel: Dev Insight 1

Hello and welcome to a new blog for Gamingbrew design insight and info! Today's post is all about Living Erenel and the development of Season 3. I'm excited to share some of the challenges and solutions that go into making the living world a reality.

Also, please send me your questions! If I have a great question to deep dive into or enough questions to form a mini AMA, I'll gladly do so. I realize many of you are curious about various aspects of the development process – while others want sneak peeks at what's coming down the pipeline. My goal for these is to cover a variety and hopefully share something exciting for everyone.

If you're reading this and want to learn more: What is Living Erenel

As always, everything below is subject to change during play testing and development.


Removal of Multiple Session Downtime Lock

When a player joins a multi-week session game, they no longer will need to wait until all sessions are complete before spending downtime.

The original idea for preventing downtime usage was to promote a fantasy that the player was away from "town" on a harrowing journey while keeping the week-to-week game play feel. In reality, this idea makes it difficult for downtime management for moderators and players.Great storytelling happens in extended adventures, and schedule commitment is already a barrier for many.

New Player Starting Level

When a new player joins the Living World, the starting level will increase from 0 Adventure XP to 2 Adventure XP. This puts a new player one adventure away from level 3. All players under 2 Adventure XP will immediately jump to the new starting level on April 1st.

This change saves the player two weeks of adventuring, promotes faction unity with power leveling, and allows a player who may be new to 5E to get their feet under them.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency

A new weapon proficiency type is coming in season 3 and will be expanded over multiple seasons. All exotic weapons are mundane.

Some classes can take advantage of exotic weapons as part of their tool kit, such as Pact of the Blade Warlocks or Bladesinging Wizards. These subclasses are locked into their choice and will need to retrain to choose a new weapon, losing their previous training in the process.

Martial classes: Barbarian, Blood Hunter, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Spellbinder, and the upcoming new class, Bulwark, can use downtime to train into individual exotic weapons.

All other classes will need to take the Weapon Master feat, which has been improved to include two exotic weapons of choice. By design, this feat is taxing for other classes compared to those who can downtime train, but an option nonetheless.


The following ideas were not covered at the March State of the Brew!

Chronicle Campaigns

Chronicle campaigns follow the season story line but aim to keep a small group of players together over multiple weeks, similar to a standard campaign. A typical chronicle campaign would require players to sign up for (4) back to back week sessions, mixing challenging high-end encounters and role play situations. All chronicle campaigns are live-streamed and will require webcams to participate!

The idea for chronicle campaigns comes from the difficulty of scheduling Faction Adventures in season 2. Living Erenel is lucky to have players from across the world in 9 different countries. One of the selling points of Living Erenel is to play when your schedule allows and drop in for downtime and role play when it doesn't.

Unfortunately, scheduling from a factions population makes faction adventures almost impossible to pull off at this time. The hope is that players who can commit to multiple sessions and really want to dive into lore will enjoy Chronicle Campaigns! For those that can't, campaigns being live allows everyone to follow along with the story and help one another overcome world-shattering threats.

Faction Dinner Parties

An upcoming player base driven event is allowing Factions to host their own RP events! Factions choose a location, time and promote their event in any way they choose. The event can be discussions about anything that Faction wishes or just bar talk, as long as RP falls under the Living Erenel RP rules. What do factions and players who attend receive?

  • The faction member hosting the event gains 1 Renown for acting as the "party host."
  • Players outside the Faction have a limited number of invitation slots, with each attending player earning 1 seasonal currency. Members in the Faction can join to assist but do not gain a seasonal mark or renown.
  • A faction has a "partied out" cool down and can only host 1 event per month. The first Faction to submit a dinner party request for their chosen week has dibs! Only one dinner party across all Living Erenel factions can happen per week. (unless the living world has a high amount of downtime that week)
  • PvP is not allowed at Faction dinner parties.

Faction Dinner Parties' goal is to promote more RP events with player development as a driving force. The addition of earning renown and seasonal currency is hopefully icing on the cake.

That’s it for today! I hope you’re looking forward to the start of season 3 and the new challenges ahead.

Thanks for reading and being a part of the Living World.

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