Living Erenel Patch Notes 3.0

Living Erenel Patch Notes 3.0

Season Three
Fury of the Giant Lords

Beginning Erenel Date: 6th of Gwirus, 625

Emissary Location: Mistwood

Season Length: April 1st thru July 1st.


The following patch notes are live with the launch of Season 3 at 8:00 PM Est on April 1st. Living Erenel articles will not be updated until April 1st.



The term "Adventure Lock" has been removed. Instead, running an adventure for adventure experience now costs 1/2 (rounded up) of the week's allotted downtime days. Downtime days players purchase with a seasonal currency, and the Lone Wolf downtime day benefit are not affected as they are not allotted with the Weekly Update.

Players may only run one adventure per week for adventure experience.

Example: The Weekly Update provides 5 downtime days. Running an adventure costs 3 downtime days.


New players now begin with 2 adventure experience when entering the Living World. This change puts a new player one adventure away from reaching level 3. All players under 2 adventure experience will immediately jump to the new starting level on April 1st.


When a dungeon master runs an adventure that rewards experience in Living Erenel, their player character earns one seasonal mark with a maximum of two marks per week.

If a dungeon master runs a week long event, their player character earns three seasonal marks and is awarded one adventure experience.


New Feature: Survivalist. At the beginning of a every Living Erenel Adventure or PvP Encounter, the Lone Wolf rolls 1d4. On a roll of 3 or 4, the Lone Wolf gains inspiration to start the adventure or encounter. After using Survivalist, this feature cannot be used until the next Weekly Update.

This feature is now available under the FoundryVTT Compendium Living Erenel Feature.


When participating in a multiple-session adventure, players no longer need to wait until all sessions are complete before spending downtime or collecting adventure experience and gold rewards.


Player's can only participate in one Voice RP or Text RP adventure per week for seasonal rewards but are free to participate if the role play adventure is not full.

Faction Dinner Parties do not fall under this rule.



This challenging endgame content’s design is for murder hobos and power gamers! It resembles raiding in Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft and Destiny.

Archway Raiding takes place in an Erenel Archway. This means there are no permanent deaths as you are expected to die while learning the mechanics of individual fights. TPKs result in being expelled from the Archway Raid and the Archway closing for the group that week. It is expected a group will kill only a single boss the first time they enter.

An Archway Raid will last the entire Living Erenel Season and is created at the beginning of the season, taking into account the highest-level players at that time. Bosses in the Archway Raid do not change over the season and retain a set health and challenge rating. As players grow stronger over a season and learn individual mechanics, the encounters will become easier to complete.

Players will have no prior knowledge of encounters going into an Archway Raid. They must work together as a community to discover how to deal with each encounter.

Why enter an Archway Raid? One seasonal currency is awarded per raid boss kill. The final boss offers a unique reward, available only during that season.


When signing up for an adventure, a player can choose to forgo collecting any adventure experience or gold. The player instead only receive seasonal currency as if they had run the adventure as a mercenary. This allows players to run one adventure that week if they wish and not lose downtime days at the cost of adventure rewards.



Great Halls begin Season 3, Week 2.

War has come to Erenel! Once active, players can submit Downtime Days toward the destruction of Great Halls, defensive fortifications lead by mighty Giant Lords. While active, Great Halls build power for the invading Giant Lords and debilitate the entire player base. Should they exist for too long, more Great Halls may rise, further dampening all players.

Upon reaching the individual Great Hall's downtime goal, the Great Hall will become available to assault through a chronicle adventure letting players face the Giant Lord guarding the tower. Be wary; each Great Hall matches the personality of the Giant Lord inside. Some Giant Lords may send waves of their forces; others could require stealth or diplomacy to end the onslaught.

Players can slowly submit Downtime Days or work together and rush a single Great Hall. The choice falls to the player base on how to tackle this threat. Once the Great Hall chronicle adventure is complete, the effect associated with the Great Hall fades. Each Great Hall's name, debilitating effect, and the number of Downtime Days needed to assault the tower will be available under #world-events.

Arkhem's Great Hall 0/40

While active, all resurrection spells targeting players have a 40% chance of failing, and players cannot rise as a Revenant.

Rukvar's Great Hall 0/40

While active, all Giant enemies are under the effects of a 1d6 modified bless. This benefit is present in Archway Raid encounters.

Slag's Great Hall 0/40

While active, all Faction weekly gold income is cut in half (rounded down).


Minimum Player Levels have been added to crafting items with magical tools. You must be the required level to use any magically enhanced tools, or take advantage of the new expertise system.

  • Level 5: All +1 Tools
  • Level 10: All +2 Tools
  • Level 15: All +3 Tools


Minimum Player Levels have been added to poison and potion crafting based upon the items GP value. Be aware, the crafting level of potions and poisons differs from the foraging level.

  • Level 1: Up to 50 GP
  • Level 3: 51 - 250 GP
  • Level 5: 251 - 500 GP
  • Level 7: 501-750 GP
  • Level 9: 751 - 1,000 GP
  • Level 12: 1,001 - 2,000 GP
  • Level 15: 2,001 - 5,000 GP


Roll checks to successfully Forage for ingredients have been removed. You must still announce which reagent you are foraging in #downtime.


All infused gem types Weapon Bonus damage is reduced to 1d4.

This change has been made to allow for the release of upcoming gems that require magically enhanced Jeweler's Tools (+1, +2, +3).


Faction members can be power leveled up to a maximum of level 6. A player can only benefit from power leveling once per week.

Power leveling now costs 1/2 (rounded up) of the week's allotted downtime days. Downtime days players purchase with a seasonal currency, and the Lone Wolf downtime day benefit are not affected as they are not allotted with the Weekly Update.

When training a Cohort, the player follows the same downtime rules as Power Level Faction Member.


Rune carving downtime will be added to Living Erenel once the appropriate Chronicle Adventure is completed during Season 3.


Tools expertise has changed and no longer reduces to gold cost of an item. Instead, having expertise in a tool allows you to craft an item 3 levels higher than your current level.

Example: A 5th level character with expertise in Alchemist Supplies can now craft potions in the level 7th bracket.

Example 2: A 7th character with expertise in Smith's Tools can now use +2 Smith Tools. (+2 tools require level 10.)


Choose one exotic weapon with which you do not have proficiency. When training is complete, you gain proficiency with the chosen weapon. Only the following classes can train in an exotic weapon if they meet the weapon's specific requirement. Barbarian, Blood Hunter, Bulwark, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Spellbinder.

Total Downtime Days: 8
Daily Downtime Fee: 80 GP


The amount earned while using the work downtime option has increased to ((your character's level) x (20 GP)) for your daily wages.



Factions can now choose to host a dinner party RP event. When hosting a dinner party, the Faction decides the location, time, and promotes their event in any way they choose. The event can be discussions about anything that Faction wishes or just bar talk, as long as RP falls under the Living Erenel RP rules.

A Living Erenel Moderator or Dungeon Master must be present during a Faction Dinner Party.

A single faction member is charged with "Hosting" the event. Upon the event's completion, the Host gains 1 Renown. Player's outside the Faction have a limited number of invitation slots (minimum 4, maximum 8) with every attending player not in the Host's Faction earning 1 Seasonal Currency for attending. Members of the Host's Faction can join to assist but do not receive Renown or Seasonal Currency. Faction members who assist do not count against total invitation slots.

After a Faction has hosted a Dinner Party, they are considered "partied out" and must wait Four Weeks before hosting another dinner party. Only one dinner party can occur across all Living Erenel factions per week. Factions are given priority based upon who submits their dinner party first to scheduling moderators (Brews)

PvP is not allowed at Faction dinner parties. No red weddings!

Factions can begin submitting dinner parties on Wednesday, March 31st at 1:00 PM EST for Season 3, Week 1.


When a Faction earns property from Renown at levels 60 and 150, a Faction Forge is included on the premises. Faction Forges allow upgrading pre-existing +1 magic items to +2 or +3 without needing to re-craft the item.

The same tool to build the item is used to upgrade, with the cost of the previous item deducted from the cost of the new item. When upgrading in this way, the 10% crafting discount does not apply.

Example: A +1 Weapon cost 1,000 GP, not including the mundane item. To upgrade to +2, the cost would be 3,000 GP (4,000 GP – 1,000 GP).


When a player character dies on an adventure, half of the player's total renown (rounded down) remains with the Faction they were in at the time of their death. Retiring a character does not grant this benefit.

Renown now costs 1/2 (rounded up) of the week's allotted downtime days. Downtime days players purchase with a seasonal currency, and the Lone Wolf downtime day benefit are not affected as they are not allotted with the Weekly Update.



+1 Armor rarity has changed from rare to uncommon. This change allows crafting with +1 tools.


The following satchels have had their cost changed.

2 slot Satchel: 100 GP

3 slot Satchel: 500 GP

4 slot Satchel: 1,500 GP

5 slot Satchel: 4,000 GP


When owning property that provides an income roll, use the following to estimate GP gains. A property earns income based on the week's allotted downtime days, with income rolls taking place every Weekly Update for the current week.

When rolling for income, roll a 1d4 once, representing how well your property performs during the current week. When owning Tier 3 property or higher, the property owner can reroll a 1, once per week, per qualifying property.

Rolling 1 is a loss and provides no income that week.

Rolling a 2 and 3 rewards the income shown below.

Rolling a 4 is a surplus, multipying the income shown below by 1.5.

Important note: Property is not the same as Faction awarded Property from Renown.

  • Tier 1 Business: 5 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 2 Business: 15 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 3 Business: 25 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 4 Business: 50 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 1 Ship: 5 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 2 Ship: 10 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 3 Ship: 20 gp / per downtime day
  • Tier 4 Ship: 40 gp / per downtime day
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