September is here!

September is here!

It's September, and Autumn (my favorite season) is on the horizon. With the changing season comes exciting news to share!

5E Sept/Oct Theme is Set

After winning the patron vote by a razor-thin 2 votes, my next content theme is Thieves Guild. This weekend, expect to see the first content release – a subclass!

For the theme, we'll dive into the Black Quill. A secret organization comprised of influential magic users who work in the shadows of Erenel to mold and shape the state of the world. Over the next two months, you'll learn about the founders, how the guild operates, and the different "members" required to secretly influence the world.

Back on Twitch

I'm thrilled to return to live streaming after an extended writing and website coding break. Thanks to a reshuffling of my schedule, I'll be streaming more than ever! Whether you're into watching campaigns, relaxing world building or game play, I hope to see you in chat.

In Discord each week, I'll post the weekly stream schedule with this week's schedule below.

Follow the stream:

Join us on Discord:

FoundryVTT Modules

FoundryVTT has updated to the much-anticipated V10. Updates to older Gamingbrew modules are underway. Thanks to their new adventure systems, the devs at Foundry have made it much easier to package content.

Barring any setbacks, expect to see a new module released each month thru the end of 2022!

Celebrate Oktoberfest

You can't have a name like Gamingbrew and not celebrate Oktoberfest! On 2 Saturdays in September and the first Saturday of October, join me in celebrating Oktoberfest. I'll be hanging out in Discord, drinking, playing party games and chatting.

We'll have more to announce in the next two weeks as Oktoberfest comes closer. Hope to see you there with your favorite beverage (alcohol not required).

New Merch

You need to stay hydrated during Oktoberfest! To help, check out the new Gamingbrew Tumbler, available now in the shop.


There's more to come that I can't share, like spooky season plans! A huge thank you for all the support.

See you in Erenel.

- Brews

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