We're Looking For Contributors!

We're Looking For Contributors!

Are you a content creator for Fifth Edition? We’re looking for writers, artists, and cartographers to join us in creating our Origins Digital Magazine. Let's work together!

How To Get Started

Gamingbrew is now taking queries from both established and up-and-coming freelancers in the Tabletop RPG field. To get started, email info@gamingbrew.com with the following details.

  • Your name
  • Your preferred type of content to create
  • Example(s) of your work for review

When including writing samples, submit examples with minimal formatting and easy-to-read font. PDF, Word or RTF attachments can be included in the email. Please include “Query” in the email subject line!

What We're Looking For

  • Fifth Edition compatible one-shot adventures
  • Player focused rule expansions
  • Drop-in cities for DMs
  • Citymap designers
  • Battlemap designers
  • Guest blog post writers for Gamingbrew.com

What We're NOT Looking For

  • Campaign settings
  • Multiple session adventures
  • Poetry/fiction writing
  • Content reviews


Rate and payment vary depending on the work and current need, with an average of 5 cents a word. Art and cartography contributions will depend on the specific design. After completion of agreed-upon work, payment is sent by Paypal. Gamingbrew acquires ownership of deliverables upon agreement with all work credited.

If you wish to include content in Gamingbrew publications at no payment for advertising, exposure or collaboration, you retain 100% of your content. This extends to adventures, blog posts, rule expansions and more.

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